BigChange job management software


Our paperless work management system gives your back office and mobile teams more power, insight and flexibility – freeing up time and resources to grow your business.

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BigChange job management software


Our paperless work management system gives your back office and mobile teams more power, insight and flexibility – freeing up time and resources to grow your business.

Ready to grow your business? Book your demo today!


Streamline Your Business With Our Electrical Contractor Software

Improve your organization’s workflow while increasing your profits with our electrician management software in Ontario, Canada.

Boost Your Efficiency and Sales With Our Cloud-Based Software for Electricians

It can be challenging trying to manage your invoices, reports, customer information, and everything else you need to run your business. Not being organized can cost you customers and valuable revenue. On top of that, it can be difficult to communicate with employees out in the field and those in the main office.

Stay on top of every aspect of your business while saving yourself time and money with our electrical contractor software. Make estimating, quoting, scheduling, and executing jobs easy and stress-free. Our simple electrician software will assist you with growing your business and moving forward.

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What is Electrician Software?

Our software for electricians in Ontario provides users with a central location to manage their jobs and vendors. You can schedule, invoice, dispatch, report, and market for your electrical company from our cloud-based management software.

What’s great about BigChange is the entire system is paperless. Everything you enter into the program gets updated in real-time. Users can access the software from any location, ensuring they’re seeing up-to-date information.

Explore the Features of BigChange

Our innovative software enables you and your staff to react to urgent requests and stay on top of scheduled appointments. You can allocate jobs to your team based on real-time data. This data includes stock, equipment, and driver availability. You can also share job directions and risk assessments with your workers via our mobile app.

Job Scheduling

Complete more jobs throughout the day with the job scheduling feature. Reduce your business’s organizational costs by allocating the right assets, vehicles, and teams to your appointments.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Refresh your website by incorporating an online portal. Customers can use this feature to manage and book appointments. Make it easy for your customers to schedule appointments with your business.

You can also store customer information within the software. Easily update a customer’s phone number, address, or other personal details as needed. Add notes, such as gate codes and other information to your customer’s profile.

Live Tracking

Use our mobile device to increase your visibility over your team. Keep track of your staff members, assets, and vehicles.

Reduce your fuel costs and save time with our intelligent route planning. Quickly respond to emergency jobs as they come in as they get added via the live tracking.

Financial Management

Don’t lose money by failing to send up or follow up on outstanding invoices. Use Job Perfect to generate and send invoices. You can also issue credit notes, quotes, and purchase orders with our software.

Job Perfect also enables you to provide your customers with multiple ways to pay. Accept more than cash or credit for your jobs.

Field Resource Management

Reduce your paperwork and admin tasks with field resource management. You can connect your field teams with office staff, keeping your jobs on track.

Business Intelligence

Download reports to gain a better insight into how your electrical business in Ontario is performing. Evaluate your growth margins and look for areas for new growth opportunities. Propel your business forward with the data BigChange can provide

Increase Your Sales

Our software automatically sends invoices to your customers. That means your invoices will get paid faster. You can also adjust your settings to send reminders to your customers if they have an unpaid invoice.

Keep Customer Data in One Place

Repeat customers are essential to your growth. Have easy access to your customer’s information from our software. Build trust with your customers as you can easily remember details about their jobs.

Improve Job Scheduling

Having an organized schedule for your employees in the field is important. You want their workdays to be as efficient and accurate as possible. Schedule your field technicians based on their location and availability from the software.

How Our Process Works:

Step One: Schedule a Demo

Our sales team will show you the features of our electrician software. Get in touch with us to book a free demo.

Step Two: Learn About the Benefits of BigChange

We’ll show you how to best implement our software into your organization. Our team will work with yours, ensuring everyone is thoroughly trained.

Step Three: Increase Your Bottom Line

Don’t spend hours of your workday doing admin tasks. Improve your processes with the help of our software for electrical contractors.

Hear What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

“With BigChange we have complete visibility of all jobs 24/7. Gone are the days of chasing up engineer reports and when there is an issue, everything we need is a just one click away. It’s just so convenient and a fantastic management tool.” – Nserv

How Much Does Software for Electrical Companies in Ontario Cost?

The cost of electrician software depends on various factors. We’re happy to provide you with a tailored quote during your free demo.

Why Choose Electrician Software From BigChange?

We Want You to Succeed

We understand how challenging it can be for electrical businesses to grow. Companies sometimes get trapped in the same processes, not thinking that they have the time or resources needed to explore management products.

Our goal is to provide small businesses with a product that can help them scale and sustain their companies. Invest your time in finding new clients and nurturing your current relationships. Let our software handle the rest.

Exceptional Customer Service

Job Perfect provides its customers with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year real person support. We’re proud to be able to resolve over 65% of our calls immediately. Every email we receive is personally reviewed, responded to, and resolved (when we can) within four hours of its receipt.

If we can’t promptly address your concern, we’ll escalate it with our internal team. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with a solution.

Schedule a Free Demo of Our Software for Electricians

Our electrician work management software will help you increase your profits while decreasing your workload. Get in touch with our team to schedule a demo and learn more about our product.


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